Simple Business Plan

Successful marathon runners will tell you it is far easier to conquer the 42.2k’s if you break the race down into smaller segments. Running a business is much the same. This is particularly the case if you’re thinking of preparing a business plan for your business.

A good suggestion is to break the plan down into a simple wish list that you want to achieve over the next three years. Simply write down your list of achievements or milestones you want to achieve over that three year period and place a date mark against each wish. That way you are creating your own road map to follow. Of course, as you travel this route, you can easily add new items to you wish list, but doing so in a way that you do not get easily lead off the main route.

Of course, you can also add additional items to your wish list that take you past your initial three year destination helping you to drive your business to even greater achievements.

Milestones you might want to include could include market share, number of customers, turnover targets or profit. Of course for organisations that are not for profit type businesses, then these milestones can be around securing funds, improvement to the services and number of beneficiaries.

This simplistic approach may prove a lot easier to prepare and monitor than a 20 page traditional business plan report that stands the chance of being out of date by the time it has been prepared and stands the risk of being left in the bottom draw. Happy wishing.

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