1. Accounts Online will maintain absolute confidentiality of all information disclosed during and after the installation of this service and undertakes to do everything reasonably possible to provide cost effective solutions on an ongoing basis.

2. The monthly subscription will be reviewed annually in accordance with prescribed transaction levels of activity as set out on the Accounts Online Website. If the total subscriptions were incorrectly estimated by less than $60 (+ or -) over the 12 months both parties forfeit any rights to reimbursement. In the event the cost variation exceeds $60 (+ or -) an additional invoice or refund will be issued by Accounts Online.

3. Present subscription rates are governed by the fees charged by the service provider(s). In the event these charges are changed this will be reflected in the 12 monthly reviews. Accounts Online also reserves the right to charge reasonable late payment charges (interest) and collection fees if subscriptions are not paid on time. In the unlikely event this should occur Accounts Online reserves the right to seek and share credit history.

4. Any connection fees, installation, travel and training required will be invoiced separately based on actual hours required and is payable within 7 days of the date of the invoice or on the 20th of the month following if paid by direct debit. Thereafter, free phone, fax or email support for software support is limited to 5 minutes per week. Any further assistance or help required due to backup failures, software reinstallations and other technical support is chargeable as per the prescribed rates published on Accounts Online website.

5. If required, one of Accounts Online trainers will provide training and support for this service, but as the source of this service is dependent upon other service providers Accounts Online or their representatives shall not be responsible or liable for any defaults arising from the other service providers failing to provide their service.

6. Software upgrades are supplied free of charge unless the service providers change their policy. If the customer requires assistance to upgrade an agreed installation fee will be charged.

7. This contract is for a period of 36 months from the date of acceptance. Thereafter, it will be automatically renewed every 12 months. To terminate the contract the client must give written notice 10-30 days prior to the end of each contracted period or if the client ceases to trade then at least 10 days written notice is required. The monthly subscription will remain payable until written notice has been received and the 10 days notice period has elapsed. It is the client’s sole responsibility to cancel monthly payments. No refunds will be payable as a result of the client’s failure to cancel such payments.

8. Accounts Online agrees to exercise due care and diligence when working with the client’s data and equipment but shall not be liable for loss or subsequent damage arising from the service provided. It is the client’s responsibility to protect their data by way of regular backups and to provide suitable protection from hackers, viruses or any other risk.