How to order MYOB BankLink and other MYOB Online Accounting Software:

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Accounts Online takes very seriously the handling and processing of your confidential banking information when connecting you to the MYOB software. As part of this process we need to get you to complete a number of forms to join our fast growing service.

Online sign-up forms – the fastest and easiest way of ordering MYOB BankLink or other MYOB Online Accounting Software Solutions

Alternatively, in certain circumstances, you may opt to complete the forms manually, in which case, choose one or more of the following forms.

Manual sign-up Forms (please print, complete scan to email or post)

Manual sign-up Forms (including Bartercard – please print, complete scan to email or post)

Direct Debit payment form

Automatic Payment form

Form 2 Tax Invoice Terms of Service (only)

Bartercard Authority

Bartercard Replacement Authority

BankLink Third Party Authority

NZ BankLink Secure Client Order (office use only)

FORM 1: Customer Details

This helps us to keep in touch with you.

Please ensure you complete your address details by entering your postal code.

Initial contracts are for 36 months and thereafter on a 12 monthly basis. However, if you cease to trade you are only required to give 10 days written notice to cancel.

As the cost of our service is based on the volume of transactions we purchase from your bank(s) we would like to bring to your attention review clause (2) as detailed on the Tax Invoice (Form2).

Transaction Per MonthSubscription (Excluding GST)
0 – 100$43.00
101 – 200$49.00
201 – 300$57.78
301 +P.O.A

Sign-up Forms (Only complete Form 6 if you are a Bartercard member)

Please add $5.00 for each additional bank account to the above subscriptions.Note: There is no cost for the software

FORM 2: Tax Invoice – Terms of Service

This is your initial tax invoice for your monthly subscription and an estimate of your training and connection fees. Connections Fees – $20 connection fee (GST excl.) for each bank account Installation and Training – we estimate 2-4 hours at $140 per hour plus GST. Actual charge based on actual hours taken. Travel, Accommodation & Rental Car Costs – This is to provide a contribution towards your trainers costs when they travel. This has been set at $150 plus GST. Historical Data Entry – Depending on which bank you are with as to how far back you can access data; historical data can be imported once we have some downloaded data.

PS: If you are a proficient computer user, the above time frame could be shortened if discussed with us.

FORM 3: Third Party Authority

If you use more than one bank then you need to complete a separate Third Party Authority for each account. You can however, place more than one bank account on each of these forms as long as they are with the same branch. If you operate a Bartercard, visa or farming account you will need to complete a separate Third Party Authority for each account as well. Information required on this form is:

I. Name of Bank Account in the Name of Account section

II. Bank Account Number in the Account Number section

III. Name of Bank and Branch in the To: The Manager section

IV. A Starting Date (ASAP for the day is okay, plus the month and year)

V. My/Our advisors is – Accounts Online Limited

VI. Your signature (s) above the line where it states (Signature of third party). If two signatures are required for your cheques we need two signatures here.

VII. Leave the Signature confirmed section blank. Do not take this to your bank for signing. BankLink will organise this with your bank.

IMPORTANT: When you change bank accounts, or visa accounts please let us know by email what account numbers you have stopped. To add your new bank account so the data can track, print off a BankLink Third Party Form and enter your Secure code from your BankLink file at the top of the form. To obtain your Secure code please contact us

FORM 4: Cheque & Deposit Forms

This instructs your bank to issue you with analysis coded cheque & deposit books so you can enter your accountants code on the face of the cheque or deposit book.

FORM 5: Direct Debit Authority

Payments will be deducted from your account on the 15th of each month. If the 15th falls on the weekend or a public holiday, it will be processed on the preceding business day.

FORM 6: Bartercard Authority for Automatic Payment

For Bartercard Members Only. This is due for payment on the 20th of each month

FORM: Authority for Automatic Payment

These are due for payment on the 10th of each month.

Should you need any help completing these forms, or have any urgent questions
please email or call 04 4999 035 or 0800 222 268

If Posting, please return ALL forms to:

Accounts Online Processing Centre
PO Box 83104
Wellington 6440

Remember to keep a copy of all forms for your own records.