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Accounts Online Accounting tips

Do you have a contingency plan? It is important to have a contingency measure in place just in case something happens to the key player(s) of the business.  Has your business got a contingency plan in the event of sickness or death? Home office expenses: Tip – pay your home office expenses which include rates, […]

Taking Money Out of Companies

  It sounds simple. You own the shares in your Company; you have cash in the bank so you assume you can simply withdraw the cash and spend it how you wish. Because your company is considered to be a separate legal entity (person) any money it generates is technically not the shareholders even if […]

Overseas Company changes

With effect from 1 May 2015 it will be necessary for any new company, on registration, to have a director who lives in New Zealand or a director who is a director of a company in Australia. Directors will also have to provide their place and date of birth. Companies that are owned by companies […]

Tax headache gone

Have you done your  tax return? #DidYouKnow we recently saved a client from thousands of dollars in taxes? Don’t be shy to ask if we can work the same magic for you! Get in touch with us today! Accounts Online are delighted to have been able to assist one of our Christchurch customers reduce their […]

Save on your Accounting Fees

Would you like a reduction in your accounting fees this year?   Last year the government announced simplified reporting for small/medium businesses. The Inland Revenue identified that there is potential for a staggering 90 million dollars to be saved! Would you like a slice of that?  And when was the last time you were offered a reduction […]

Tax Management – Resolve your holiday cash crisis

Free up working capital by paying your provisional tax when it suits you. The period just after Holidays can be tough for many businesses. In fact, more than half of those who responded to an Employers and Manufacturers Association poll said they experienced cashflow constraints between January and March every year. There are several reasons […]

Selling personal items on Trade Me

If you sell a personal item on Trade-me there are no tax implications for you. But if you have got into the habit of buying items with the intent of selling them for a profit, then you must declare the income and the costs associated with those deals and pay tax on the gain (profit). […]