Accounts Online is very proud of our success with the training we provide. The simplicity of the Accounts Online systems makes training a very simple process. Accounts Online provides full, personalised training at your business and using your own data. Part of the training includes setting up your accounts exactly how you want to operate them and then showing you the simple steps to keep them in order. Training is provided by one of our fully qualified consultants who have extensive experience in simplyfying accounting processes in businesses throughout NZ.

All training is supported by our manuals, which take you through step by step each stage of the system. The manuals focus on how you can get the best out of the systems for the least effort. The manual is packed with picture and diagrams to make it even easier for you. You will be delighted with how easy they are to follow and understand.

Even after the training you will have constant access to the FREE help line, email support service and fax service. In addition your consultant will visit you after the training to make sure that everything is going well should you require it. We will also show how you can maximise the value of your business when you eventually go to sell it.