What our customers are saying….

Accounts Online has delighted customers throughout NZ. Below are just a sample of the types of feedback we receive each week about how our service is helping businesses manage their accounts.

Do you rave about your accountant like this? Come join us if not; a big thank you to a fantastic client Wah Lees – love getting feedback, and love how much we help…

“Accounts Online is a teaching service where you learn how to use some very user friendly alternative accounting systems. It is not necessary to learn for three or four years nor to have to pay big money to firms that will not even be as exact as yourself entering information to be able to see how well you are …going on your own screen at any time, and also to be able to do your own GST. I used to let my accountant crunch the numbers I inputted to come up with the GST to pay or be refunded, but for some time now, even I do that. The end of the year is where you may give your numbers for the annual accounts though. The way you give information is no longer in shoe boxes, but in a stroke of a keyboard though. Somehow the changeover just seemed daunting, and I did hold off for a few days after being introduced to the concept of using personal entry systems. However, the team from Accounts Online did the changeover will all the work on their part and little or no fuss.After joining, I did call on the team to ask questions. This is all part of the service, and my questions dwindled as I got into using the service enjoyably.The claims made as to the ease of use seemed unlikely,the claims made turned out to be entirely accurate.”

“You are awesome Accounts Online because you have provided my business with excellent service and support over the last 7 years. The Accounts Online team have shown us the way in our business through having Banklink and our accounting system has been simple to use. Less time has been spent on our book work and more time on our vision and dreams and being able to share this with others. Thank you for your efficient services with high values that include integrity, courage, honesty, truth, wisdom, humility and respect.”

“Once again I am overwhelmed with your helpfulness and willingness to help me …I will convince the Board that they do not need to have reports that are different from the those that are produced from the fabulous BankLink accounting system…..stop the double handling.”.

“You rock Leigh-Ann! Such a relief so send me the bill for your time.”

“As a very small business user I am regularly bombarded with oversold and overpriced offers to lighten my always limited wallet. I was introduced to BankLink by Leigh-Ann in 2003 and have found her over the nearly ten years that I have known her, to be unfailingly pleasant and helpful with all of my queries (whether simple or difficult). In all small businesses there is never enough time to do everything and the substantial time saved in preparing my balance sheet and GST Returns is well worth the modest cost of the programme. Once all entries are correctly coded, I have found BankLink’s easy to use software provides a finalised and accurate GST Return in literally seconds. A further supplementary tool within the Bank-Link programme – the GST Audit Trail, as well as providing an oversight and checking tool for Tax Returns etc, provides a useful analysis of all spending by account and payee code of every single business transaction.As a software advisor and also a qualified accountant in her own right, I consider Leigh-Ann’s competent advice is an important part of my ongoing business management. The BankLink programme is robust (it has never fallen over) – assistance is only a phone call away and the software itself is as powerful as most small businesses are ever likely to need. There is very little risk here – simply talk to Leigh-Ann or one of the Accounts Online team!”

“Fabulous! The automated software made available to me was a godsend and affordable, the training was exceptional and worth every cent, their service is superb and consistent. I am treated like a valued customer”

“Hi Leigh-Ann,You are so appreciated. I guess because we do so much ourselves on this property Cooking, Cleaning, ground work etc….then we try to be the impeccable hosts that the accounting gets pushed to the back and is always done in such a hurry.Many thanks”

“You are a star… I had no troubles doing the printing etc. A very user friendly site, well done. Faxing now. You have a good day!

Hi Leigh-Ann, doing great Thank You,. I will contact you if need be, but so far so good. CRED-it is great to use.

“Re: Accounts Online BankLink Plus Software. We first became clients of Accounts Online in 2003, at which time we ran three different entities through the Banklink software system. We have been continually using their system, from then until now, and will be adding additional Australian entities onto the same system.
Our experience with both the simplicity and power of the Banklink system and the fantastic customer service that the team at Accounts online have provided has always provided, has been nothing less than “absolutely fantastic”.
The speed, accuracy and total hassle free efficiency of these platforms has us committed to be happy customers for at least another decade I am sure…
Because of the International flexibility of Banklink and the ease from which international support can be provided, we look forward to setting up our Australian entities on the same system over the next few days.
Please free to call us as independent referees at anytime. You can be assured that our experience is that we can say hand on heart, that in the last 10 years we have never had an issue or problem with the system and we consider it as good as we could ever expect any accounting system to provide for us.
When something is this good it just makes great sense to stick to the winner we know we have got our hands on”.

“Thanks Leigh-Ann!!! Please email me the invoice for the great work and I will forward it to our office for payment.”

“A big thank you for your help yesterday. Getting that done is a big weight lifted off my shoulders.”.

“Cheers Leigh-Ann, You guys are amazing, and it’s tremendous value for money service.”.

“Leigh-Ann, you’re amazing!! Thank you for being so patient with me.”

“CRED-it is Fantastic for my clients, their bankers and for making my job easier. At any time I can get a list of what a client owes. Works hand in Glove with BankLink! This is efficient for year end say March bills paid in April we can get a report which is accurate.”

It has worked extremely well for us, saving us both time and money and giving us peace of mind. Simply the system is easy and economical to use and the Accounts Online help line is faultless I recommend Accounts Online regularly to people.

What amazing service, and on a Saturday, I’m blown away! Thank you so much for this practical advice. With Deep Appreciation

Accounts Online is the best thing I have ever done. It has taken my stress away. Leigh-Ann, please share this letter, as I think Accounts Online is the best thing that has happened to my business. For anyone thinking about this programme just do it!

The service was installed and working with very little training and with a very short period of time. We are very happy with the solution and the backup service. The time it saves us is amazing and we now complete our monthly books and GST within 5 – 10 minutes per month

With the time saved on GST and the positive spin off effect of getting our business affairs efficiently recorded, we now have time to spend on other more productive aspect of our business

In control, up-to-date, so easy to understand

Dear Wayne, the GST is a dream to manage now! I salute you

The whole package has freed up considerable time which has allowed me to enjoy a better lifestyle

Why didn’t I see this 20 years ago, backup service exceptional!

Its like moving from a hard stool to an armchair

A Life saver for busy owners!

Up to date financials, even bank manager impressed

BankLink is bloody marvelous. I cant believe how quick it is to do – no stress, no fuss. I am ready for CRED-it when you are.

“THANK YOU, You know that it can take up to 3 times for it to sink into people over 40! (Not you tho!)!

Thank you, that will work. You are brilliant!!! But you know that!!!

We were recently in attendance at the HANZ (Hospitality Assn of NZ) conference in Wairakei and our Tourism Properties.com trade stand was positioned alongside another group of exhibitors who were wearing black tee shirts.The message on the front of their shirts read, “Life is Precious Spend less time doing the books. On the back they had their company name (Accounts Online) with their buyline “Stress Free Accounting”.During the course o the event we came to realize how valuable their service could be to our clients. We found out that Accounts Online (AOL) is a boutique firm of accountants. They explained that their role is very similar to the services provided by travel agents. They help to make businesses fly whereas traditional accountants are often very focused on tax compliance work which makes them very similar to a customs agent.As travel agents they want your journey to be enjoyable and without any dramas.They offer you the opportunity to travel light and provide you with a safe landing and this was of particular interest to us. AOL highlighted the need to prepare your business for sale from the day you enter your business. AOL stressed that business owners who fail to prepare early enough will discount the value of their business when they exit it. AOL explained to us there are some very simple procedures and rules to learn to place the owner in control of the process when they need to sell.We suggest you arrange a consultation with them.