Accounts Online has delighted customers throughout NZ. Below are just a sample of the types of feedback re receive each week about how our service is helping businesses manage their accounts.

Re: Accounts Online BankLink Plus Software. We first became clients of Accounts online in 2003, at which time we ran three different entities through the Banklink software system.
We have been continually using their system from then until now and will be adding additional Australian entities onto the same system.
Our experience with both the simplicity and power of the Banklink system and the fantastic customer service that the team at Accounts online have provided has always provided has been nothing less than “absolutely fantastic”.
The speed, accuracy and total hassle free efficiency of these platforms has us committed to be happy customers for at least another decade I am sure…
Because of the International flexibility of Banklink and the ease from which international support can be provided we look forward to setting up our Australian entities on the same system over the next few days.
Please free to call us as independent referees at anytime.
You can be assured that our experience is that we can say hand on heart, that in the last 10 years we have never had an issue or problem with the system and we consider it as good as we could ever expect any accounting system to provide for us.
When something is this good it just makes great sense to stick to the winner we know we have got our hands on

Accounts Online is the best thing I have ever done. It has taken my stress away. Leigh-Ann, please share this letter, as I think Accounts Online is the best thing that has happened to my business. For anyone thinking about this programme just do it!

With the time saved on GST and the positive spin off effect of getting our business affairs efficiently recorded, we now have time to spend on other more productive aspect of our business

Dear Wayne, the GST is a dream to manage now! I salute you

The service was installed and working with very little training and with a very short period of time. We are very happy with the solution and the backup service. The time it saves us is amazing and we now complete our monthly books and GST within 5 – 10 minutes per month

A Life saver for busy owners!

In control, up-to-date, so easy to understand

Up to date financials, even bank manager impressed

Why didn’t I see this 20 years ago, backup service exceptional!

Its like moving from a hard stool to an armchair

We are looking forward to replacing the Kiwi with Aussie references as we help Australian businesses.