Welcome to the world of CRED-it – the only online Accounts Payable invoice management software designed to work with generic accounting software, point of sale and invoicing systems.

CRED-it will benefit your business in many ways to pay bills:

  1. Instant access to supplier invoices: see at a glance what you owe each of them.
  2. Clear reporting: see what you owe even if you need to part pay some of your suppliers.
  3. Easy access, anywhere, anytime: no software, all you need is a PC internet connection.
  4. Easy processing and recording of payments: suppliers will receive an automatically emailed remittance advice once you have selected them for payment.
  5. Online storage: retain scanned copies of invoices within CRED-it for easy retrieval.
  6. Easy reconciliation of supplier statements: CRED-it will not accept duplicate invoice numbers so no more risk of paying a creditor twice for the same bill!
  7. Your accountant gets easy access over the web:
  8. last minute queries with coding or balances owed at year end will disappear.
  9. instant access to creditors’ information for easier completion of “accrual accounting”.
  10. ….plus more features to follow.

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CRED-it is designed to work hand in glove with BankLink to organise and consolidate all your bills in one place.

CRED-it is a logical, simple and very cost effective upgrade to your existing Accounts Online service. Your Accountant will love it.

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No Risk Guarantee
After six months if you decide you haven’t saved time, or you do not feel more in control of your cash flow, we will provide you with a no questions, no hassles refund of any money you have paid up till that point.
The Accounts Online team looks forward to making your accounts even easier and more ‘Stress Free’. You can even go off on holidays and pay your bills while you are away. How’s that for relaxation?


Hi Wayne and Leigh-Ann

Thank you for Cred-it it is just amazing for my client in the mining industry. In fact, we are now totally paperless and I am managing the administration of this Australian based business office from NZ along with BankLink.

Because of the nature of their business both the company owners spent a lot of time out in the middle of nowhere, working huge hours and were unable to process their snail mail in a timely manner. As a result, many accounts were paid late and then when it came to the filing of documents, well they were all heaped into a box. It was an accountant’s dream, money, money, money, sorting through things, which should have been a simple bookkeepers job.

Cred-it has saved many headaches and here are some of the benefits it has given us:

  • When recalling past invoices paid – voila! click on the image and there it is
  • Both directors can go online any time to see what they owe the big wide world
  • Suppliers are paid on time, no overdue accounts or credit cut off, including the receipt of embarrassing letters
  • The biggest bonus is no paper invoices having to be filed and when the accountant rings and requests a copy of an asset, I can get it within 10 seconds.

I am in Alexandra, NZ doing all this quickly, efficiently and timely.

I would recommend Cred-it for any business, small or large and in any country who wants to increase storage space, save money in lost production, be able to reproduce copies of invoices for the accountant in 10 seconds and have the bosses be able to access the same current and up to date data from anywhere without the need for software.

Andrea Krsinic
Office Manager
New Zealand