Traditionally, most businesses are either doing their payroll manually or use a Payroll software package. In our experience, software is quite limiting because you need to backup your data constantly and if you travel, then you either need to delegate the payroll to someone or bring the computer with you, which is not ideal when you’re on holidays! And you still have the hassles of doing your PAYE.

Finally someone has come up with a clever solution to simplify things for business owners.

Crystal Payroll is a fully online payroll service, so like Internet banking, there’s no software to install into your computer. It’s simple to use, and even if you do need any help, they don’t charge any extra.

We think this is the simplest payroll system on the market and it’s efficient so it requires a lot less from you – all you need to do is to enter in your staff hours, click the ‘OK’ button, and everything else is taken care of depending on the level of service you opt for. Your staff can be paid without you needing to go online and into Internet banking, there’s no filling out IR345 and IR348 forms and remittances, and Crystal Payroll can take care of your PAYE – this means late filing is not your problem, and the IRD talk to Crystal Payroll about your PAYE instead of taking up your time.

It also has a full range of useful reports and your staff can even log-in into their own private area to view and print their payslips online for confidentiality, tree-saving and less interruptions.

For more information about Crystal Payroll’s online payroll system, please call us on 0800 22 22 68 (0800 2ACCOUNTS), or complete our contact form, and a member of the Accounts Online team will contact you to discuss your payroll requirements.

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