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Accounts Online Accounting tips

lightbulbsunDo you have a contingency plan? It is important to have a contingency measure in place just in case something happens to the key player(s) of the business.  Has your business got a contingency plan in the event of sickness or death?
Home office expenses: Tip – pay your home office expenses which include rates, insurance , electricity , phone , internet, repairs out of your business account. We can teach the software to do the business and private split.  This will save you having to revisit this at year end.

Acounting/Taxation service: SUM-it Accounts Ltd provides an accounting service for individuals, businesses , charities, and clubs.  If you are interested in finding out more please contact us. Also, if you know of any businesses or individuals that want a change or are struggling please put us in touch.

Tax Management Intermediary: Struggling to pay your taxes on time – tight on cashflow?  This service is excellent and saves businesses and individuals money as the IRD’s interest rates a lot higher.

Inland Revenue: The inland revenue are reviewing property transactions, cash economy and hospitality. It is important that you  bank your cash daily, or at least weekly,  and try and avoid paying expenses out of the cash or till.  This creates more work as you need to account for the dollars to your till tapes.For hospitality businesses are you reconciling to your till tapes daily?

Off the accounting topic, onto interior design 

Here is a Wellington Interior Designer’s Tip for arranging spaces

Her advice is to keep it simple and clutter-free.  Get the bones right before you even think about filling it up with furniture, art , rugs etc.  If the bones are not right you will never feel comfortable in a room – there will always be something missing.