BankLink Accounting Software

› Captures all your bank statements and financial institutions transactions over the Internet

› Almost eliminates data entry

› Information is always of the highest integrity and up to date

› Bank reconciliation’s become a non-event

› Saves time and keeps your accountant happy

› Use Internet banking or coded cheque and deposit books to assist data entry

› Repetitive transactions get coded automatically

› You can even automatically apportion certain expenses applying some to your business and the remainder to yourself personally.

And to make it even easier BankLink provides you with the tools to produce a wide range of accounting reports. These include:

› Actual verses Budget Cash Flow and Profit & Loss reports

› Actual verses Last Year Cash Flow, Profit & Loss & Balance Sheets

› GST returns and audit trails

› Full transaction ledger reports with quantity statistical features
› A range of journal adjustment options including standing and auto-reversing journals

› Bank account reconciliation’s with simple unpresented cheque finding features

› Special sort and find features

› Spending by payee and exception reporting

As for GST an electronic copy of the GST return is automatically generated by the system and all you need to do is check the GST audit trail in account code order and file it online to the Inland Revenue, saving you posting it. That’s GST in a moment!

In addition Accounts Online provides professional, fully trained consultants to support you. This includes full training, simple to use manuals, as well as onsite and off site technical support.

If we made it any easier we would be doing the job for you and then you would miss all the fun.

Learn how BankLink Accounting Software can help your business!